Digital Copywriter & Content Editor | Officer

Key responsibilities:

  • Create of great creative ideas/ campaigns for clients’ both online and offline.
  • Write high-engagement social media content that reflects the brand’s voice.
  • Write short & long forms of content for a various of digital properties in Thai and English including articles, website, web blogs, facebook, EDM, advertorial and other advertisement etc.
  • Writes in a variety of styles and for varying audiences, and ensuring style is appropriate for medium.
  • Reviews and edits all copy for grammar, style and proofread content for errors.



  • A minimum of 2-4 years experienced in advertising business.
  • Experienced in digital creative field will be priority consideration.
  • Passionate about social media marketing.
  • Be skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy.
  • Highly Creative / Always have fresh and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Strong organizational, time management and communication skills are essential.
  • A good team player with high level of flexibility and responsibility.

For Candidates: